New Gaelic Immersion in Judique, Cape Breton

Seanchaidh Gaelic Education and Promotion (S.G.E.A.P.) and The Celtic Music Interpretive Centre will offer a weeklong Scottish Gaelic Immersion course through the Total Immersion Plus methodology in Judique, Nova Scotia, from July 23 to 27, 2007. Sessions will run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. comprised of two 3 hours sessions daily (morning and afternoon) and a one hour lunch-break.

Tuition is $150 for the week which will give a total of 30 hours instruction. As well, there will be two Gaelic cultural evenings during the week — A session of singing, tunes and storytelling on Tuesday evening and on Thursday evening a short session dealing with dancing followed by a convoy to the dance at Glencoe Mills.

Total Immersion Plus is practical method of learning the Gaelic language. It was developed by Fionnlagh MacLeòid, Director of the Scottish Playschools Association (Comhairle nan Sgoiltean Araich). The method is designed to get people speaking Gaelic and speaking it well and therefore does not involve reading, writing, translation or grammar until an individual has reached a higher level of understanding Gaelic and of functional fluency in the language. (More information on T.I.P. is available at

The course instructor, Goiridh Dòmhnallach (Jeff MacDonald) of Kingsville, Inverness County, has considerable experience in teaching Gaelic and has been trained by MacLeòid in the T.I.P. methodology. He is currently instructing Sgoiltean Gàidhlig (Gaelic in the Home groups) in Glendale/Kingsville, Creignish, Judique, Port Hawkesbury and St. Andrew’s, Nova Scotia.

“Having taught Gaelic in the older methods to both adults and children, I find the T.I.P. methodology to be so much more practical, relaxed and efficient,” MacDonald said. “I’m very pleased to see how quickly folks begin to understand Gaelic and how well they get attuned to the sounds, which is necessary before they can pronounce Gaelic sounds properly. Their pronunciation comes along very well and I can see that folks who continue in this method will eventually speak Gaelic well. That’s not to mention what a great, fun and traditional social experience it is!”

Ten to 15 students will be accepted and the course is filling up. During the days, tea, coffee and snacks will be provided and a lunch may be purchased on site. To sign up or get more information, send an e-mail to or phone Goiridh (Jeff) at (902) 625-0202.

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  1. Phyllis MacPherson says:

    Trying to find out if a John MacPherson was born in Judique in the early 1800’s. I apprecate any direction you can give me to help me find out for our MacPherson family tree.
    Thank You Phyllis

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