Tha sinn a’ craoladh programman beaga tron Skype a-nise! Sin a’ cheud còmhraidh eadar Liam agus Micheal air Skype, air a chlàradh le Call Recorder. Tha Micheal ag innse dhuinn beagan mu dheidhinn aithris a thug e dhan BhBC mu Wikileaks agus an fhiosrachaidh a leig iad a-mach mu dheidhinn a’ chogaidh ann an Afghanistan.

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The Tory are in a definitely winnnig scenario. If the referendum is defeated, they’ll be credited for keeping the United Kingdom united. If the referendum is carried, they’ll be a lot closer to an outright majority since many of Labour’s and Libdems’ safe seats are in Scotland. What I found difficult to understand is the position of the LibDems (their Michael Moore is the Secretary of State for Scotland). They got nothing to win in this deal, although it’s in line with their core value to maximise civil rights and liberties.

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