Sgannan ùidheil à Eirinn …

Fluent Dysphasia

Saoil gum biodh an naidheachd seo math nan robh e suidhichte ann an Glaschu? Agus Gàidhlig air a cur an àite Gaeilge?

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Hi Westfall Family. My name is Meghan Marner, and I am 15 years old. I have an 18 year old reining Quarter Horse named Magic, and I love him to peceis. I’ve been with Magic for about a year and a half now. But every time I take him to a reining show, even if its a small potluck at our home arena, he loses his cool. He tenses and bolts through the entire pattern, utterly anxious and upset. When we are riding at home, (me, Magic, and sometimes my trainer Abby), he is a very talented reiner, and an all around happy horse. He showed in his younger years, and did very well. Do you think he is just done with showing? I love him so much, and don’t want to move on to another horse, but I also don’t want to put him through something that makes him upset. Do you have any suggestions, or any ideas about how to help my horse to be happy and calm at shows? Thank you for your time, and please answer back!p.s. I started reining after seeing your bridless ride with Roxy! Thank you for the inspiration!

I like your article gives you liked my article in my place . thank you so much

Sometimes people may find it difficult to understand .

Ico já aprendi algo há muito tempo. Onde há dinheiro há comprometimento de acordos e negociatas para o bem do….bolso dos envolvidos, seja no futebol (onde se tem muuuitos arranjos) e em outros esportes. C’est la vie.

This is wonderful…so dramatic. I love her trousers in the fourth pic. I've been really fascinated with finding the right pair lately, which is funny because I hardly ever wear them:)

Thanks for reading and commenting! I’m still trying to process everything as well and I’m glad there’s so much dialoguing about the conference happening online so that we can all share our thoughts together. @Jack I enjoyed the poster sessions a great deal too, especially the ones where I was able to hear directly from the students about their experiences using technology for collaboration and learning! Thanks for sharing your advice.

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